Nishad Abhyankar

Resident Sports Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Resident Physiotherapist

Nishad is a sports physiotherapist who is passionate about helping his clients, of all ages, overcome injuries and pain in order to return to their favourite sports or desired level of activity. Nishad’s passion for physiotherapy stems from overcoming his own sport-related injuries with the help of a physiotherapist which allowed him to return to soccer as a varsity star player, a game he continues to enjoy to this day.

Nishad beliefs in taking the time to get to know each one of his patients to establish a strong collaborative relationship in order to clearly identify each patients’ individual goals for treatment. This way, Nishad will develop a customized treatment plan focus on helping you overcome the mental and physical barriers that are standing in the way of your recovery and help you achieve your end goal in the shortest time possible. Nishad’s style is empathetic, supportive and he takes the time to listen to the arising needs and goals of each of his patients throughout care. With Nishad’s help on your side, you will succeed!

Nishad originally graduated from the University of Mumbai, India, with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2017 and has been practicing in Canada since 2020. He has helped thousands of young active people as well as older adults overcome pain and injury in order to enjoy healthy and active lives without symptoms.

Nishad also has advanced training in several different manual therapy techniques as well as taping, sport and strengthening medicine, soccer-football medicine diplomas as well as healthcare administration certification.

If you are longing to get back to your favourite sport, increase your level of function, get rid of pain and unpleasant symptoms, look no further and request a free consultation with Nishad. He will be happy to learn more about you and discuss how to help you achieve your physical goals.

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