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It’s not uncommon in my practice as a physiotherapist to consistently hear people’s belief that they need to get all kinds of diagnostic tools like X-rays, US, and MRI’s to find out “what’s wrong” and determine the root cause of their pain and suffering.

The thing about people’s pain is that in the vast majority of cases, physical pain has a lot to do with the activity of the soft tissues ( muscles, tendons, fascia) as well as the joint. In most cases, it has everything to do with the way how you move and where you are placing pressure in specific activities.

These and many other factors are not revealed through a diagnostic tool like X-ray or US but they will be picked up on a Comprehensive Physical Examination where we can check for important factors that would be determining the amount of pain you are experiencing. These factors include range of motion, strength, posture, areas of tightness and exploring more deeply mobility challenges.

I made this video last week to discuss this topic further, Click Here to watch video

It’s important to note that none of the previously mentioned factors like range of motion, strength, specific mobility restrictions are determined in a standardize diagnostic tool like USs, MRIs, so when is a diagnostic tool actually required?

Would be useful in the following cases:

  • X-ray- If you have fallen or had an accident or trauma like a sport-related accident and you are experiencing severe pain with slight movement. This would be indicative of a fracture.
  • MRI- When you’ve been experiencing a progressive neurological issue such as urinary or fecal incontinence, severe or complete loss of function of large muscle groups, numbness and sharp shooting pain that radiates down the back of the leg below the knee, history of cancer or malignancy.

After a complete physical examination, your physiotherapist should have gathered enough information surrounding the cause of your symptoms that they should be able to adequately identify the root of your pain and confirm if further diagnostic tests are necessary or not

So, if you’ve been struggling with pain for a long period of time and maybe you’ve seen a few specialists already and have had different diagnostic tools, but still experience pain then it’s time to do things differently. I recommend you book your initial examination to check for all the possible structures that would be causing your pain which do not show up in diagnostic tests.

When I carry out a physical examination, I initially gather all your history since you started experiencing pain. Based on your history, I do a series of tests to determine the root cause of your pain and based on these findings, I know exactly how to treat you so that you can finally experience relief after each session.

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PS – If you know anyone who is struggling with pain, please share this information with them. I’m on a journey to help as many people as possible overcome their pain and return to their desired activities.

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