Open This If You Are Experiencing Foot Pain!

Open This If You Are Experiencing Foot Pain

Usually, not a week goes by without having a patient who is experiencing sharp pain in the plantar side of the foot around the arch or right on the heel area. This pain is known as plantar fasciitis and it feels worse in the morning when someone first steps out of bed and is generally aggravated by walking, jumping and running (any activity that involves using the feet).

It comes from too much running or walking, having a long term problem with an Achilles tendon that didn’t heal or from wearing bad shoes for long period of time. In many cases, x-rays can confirm the appearance of a heel spurt.

Even though plantar fasciitis can be a great cause of frustration, it is easily treatable with the right modalities and without the use of surgery. One of the main challenges with plantar fasciitis is that unlike other parts of the body, it is not possible to rest your feet for long periods of time without walking until the inflammation subsides.

Staying away from walking for weeks waiting for the inflammation to die down is unrealistic for most people. Therefore, it’s important that the treatment you undergo is customized to your individual tolerance level. In other words, the treatment needs to be gentle enough not to create more pain and discomfort in the area and impactful enough that you get results and start to experience relief quickly.

Contrary to the common misconception, plantar fasciitis doesn’t take long to heal. It can be fully treated in a matter of a few short weeks. The key is to be consistent with treatment in order to experience relief sooner. This way you will notice that your walking, running and jumping tolerance will start to improve relatively quickly.

Generally, the best non-surgical treatment for plantar fasciitis is physiotherapy that focuses on relieving the inflammation and tightness found at the bottom of the foot in the arch and heel. Education regarding proper use of different shoes and specialized equipment can also help to decrease the size of the heel spurts.

At Physiotherapy Clinic Stay Active Rehabilitation in North York, we have a machine called Shockwave and among other benefits, it helps to decrease the size of heel spurts in order to improve the general health of your feet. Thanks to this powerful technology, it is no longer necessary to resort to surgical intervention to get rid of painful heel spurts. You can indeed see in X-rays that the size your heel spurts has reduced after a few sessions of Shockwave treatment.

Don’t let heel spurts or painful plantar fasciitis stop you from walking, running or doing your favorite sport. Our ability to move and exercise comfortably is incredibly important for our general health and enjoyment of life.

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