Why Painkillers Don’t Always Work?

Why Painkillers Dont Always Work Min

I received another great question from a patient today and I wanted to share my answer with you.
The question was, & Why did painkillers work for a while and then stop?

This patient was taking painkillers to control her knee pain due to running. The first few weeks the painkillers did "OK" and kept her pain low enough to be able to continue her marathon training. She hoped this would be the solution for her knee pain. After a few weeks, instead of going away, the knee pain got even worse. Now, even taking painkillers, this patient cannot stand or walk for longer than 5 minutes.

Here’s the thing: painkillers provide temporary relief, giving false hope, and is often why people end up calling my clinic weeks after the pain started. What most people fail to consider is that even when they take painkillers, they are just putting “band-aide” on the problem, instead of finding the MAIN CAUSE of the problem.

Are you concerned that this may be you?

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All my best, Alejandra, P.S The Discovery Visit is 100% free…no referral needed…and no-obligation to proceed with treatment there after if you not convinced we’re the right people to help

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