Shockwave Therapy

5 Great Reasons To Choose Stay Active Rehabilitation

1. Patient-Focused Care

With an emphasis on one-on-one care, our team of health care professionals works to treat the root cause of your particular problem or injury. In doing so, our patients routinely experience faster recovery.

2. Proven, Effective and Evidence-Based Treatments

Through Stay Active, you will have access to the treatment methods to ensure you receive the correct care you need. Our team has the healing environment and skills to return to doing what you love most about life as soon as possible.

3. Direct Billing for Extended Health Insurance

When feasible, we direct payments to your health insurance plan, not you. Normally, your extended insurance coverage will cover a considerable part or all of our therapy and assessment fees. Many clients do not pay anything.

4. Holistic Health Treatments

Not only does our treatment address the direct locations of your pain, but many others. Our treatment approach also provides physical, psychological and emotional support for you to feel better as quickly as only one visit.

5. Same-Day Appointments Available

When your recovery needs to begin today, Stay Active’s specialists are here to ensure we have additional time for urgent and emergencies.