Physiotherapy is a clinically proven first-line treatment for most muscle and joint dysfunctions to reduce pain and help return you to your normal lifestyle.

The physiotherapists at Stay Active Rehabilitation are based in North York and downtown Toronto to offer convenient physical therapy solutions without using medications, injections or surgeries. We are here to help you maintain optimal health and ‘stay active’ for longer periods of time even after you completed your treatment.

Imagine a future where you never struggle in silence with your pain and injury.

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Physiotherapy Clinic

Why Choose Physiotherapy?

Those who want:

  • Fast results (in as little as one session)
  • Less invasive (no injections)
  • Avoid surgery
  • No medication
  • Convenient access to professionals
  • Better manage age-related issues

When Should You See a Physiotherapist?

If you have pain that’s been going on for weeks or months and is negatively affecting your body’s normal functioning, it’s important to get physiotherapy help.

Although many people think that a hospital is the best place to go when you have physical pain, you often don’t need to visit a hospital’s overcrowded emergency department or need to consume a supply of doctor-prescribed drugs to feel normal again.