Foot orthotics available at Stay Active’s orthotics centres in North York and downtown Toronto are here to improve every step you take and help you walk like you were years younger.

If you have foot, leg or back pain, it could be because you need custom orthotics. This simple solution can put your foot and ankle in better alignment, distribute foot pressure and help to stabilize your foot for optimal comfort all without medication or surgery. In many cases, you will have a much more active and healthy life with less pain.

Feet are one of the most complex aspects of the body, which is why they can be so prone to health issues like bone fractures, arthritis and plantar fasciitis. When foot pain strikes, look no further than Stay Active Rehabilitation. Our North York and downtown Toronto orthotics services will solve your mobility issues and deliver the customized orthotics you need.

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Diagnosis for Which Orthotic Devices Are Helpful

Our orthotics professionals rely on various orthotic devices and services to improve your gait, cure your foot problem and offer a long-lasting pain-free lifestyle. Below are some common foot problems and the services/devices we recommend to effectively manage and treat them.

  • Bunions – a bunion shield pad
  • Cavus foot – soft cushions to evenly distribute foot pressure
  • Corns and calluses – a toe separator
  • Flat feet – a partially rigid insert that acts as a heel wedge to offer support and elevation
  • Runner’s knee – We treat it with a combination of physiotherapy and orthotic inlays which lowers the level of stress and prevents the toe from turning inward

Book an appointment at either of our custom orthotic clinics to have your foot problem addressed by a specialist to feel better sooner.

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