Treating balance disorders in North York and downtown Toronto is now possible with Stay Active Rehabilitation, which has professionals dedicated to helping people cope with balance dysfunctions, reduce symptoms and recover.

No matter what dizziness you have, whether lightheadedness, moving sensations, floating/spinning or whirling (vertigo), our vestibular therapists in North York, Toronto help you stabilize your control and posture while enhancing your daily activities.

It starts with our team diagnosing your problem and educating you on how best to manage it. A customized treatment schedule will be developed that may include at-home exercises, in-clinic vestibular physiotherapy and lifestyle changes to help lower your risk of falling and getting hurt during daily activities.

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Why is Your Vestibular System Important?

Your vestibular system is the part of your body that creates balance and spatial orientation by sending messages to your brain.

There is a wide range of conditions we treat with vestibular physiotherapy:

  • Labyrinthitis
  • Ménière’s Disease
  • Vestibular Neuronitis
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Neuropathy
  • Vestibular neuritis
  • Age-Related Balance Dysfunction
  • Oculomotor (Visual) Dysfunction
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)