If you have been diagnosed with a prolapse and are seeking a reputable pessary fitting specialist, look no further than Stay Active’s pelvic health team. We are here to help residents in the Greater Toronto Area avoid surgery with a worry-free pessary fitting.

What is a Prolapse?

A prolapse occurs when the walls of your uterus or vagina weaken. This results in your organs (such as your bladder and uterus) slipping out of place.


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How Does a Pessary Help?

A pessary is a non-surgical removable device that fits into your vagina to provide support for pelvic organ prolapses. This pessary helps to alleviate the downward pressure of organs and relieve symptoms of pain and pressure allowing you to return to your desired physical activities.

With a doctor’s prescription stating that you have had a gynecological exam and require a pessary, Stay Active will help you to choose from your pessary options and provide a pessary fitting which takes less than one hour.